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New Audio File Uploaded: How to Have Great Faith

sspmanila audio“The excitement in my heart this morning is this:  by the grace of God, with the little knowledge that I may have right now, I may somehow encourage each one of us to learn how to have a “great faith” – great faith that will move mountains for the glory of God.  Great faith that will enable each one of us to serve Him mightily and with so much glee and joy in our hearts.  Great faith… Twice mentioned by Jesus Christ are two Gentiles, a man and a woman, who have such great faith.  

Likewise, by the grace of God Almighty, it is my prayer that each one of us in here will be enabled by the Holy Spirit to be enlightened and to understand His Word, and hopefully this will motivate and inspire us to be more excited in serving God… Hoping that such great faith may indeed become a reality for the glory of God Almighty.”  

This is an excerpt from Pastor Edwin Lim’s sermon on Matthew 15:21-28 about “How to Have a Great Faith” on October 5, 2014.  Listen to the complete sermon here.

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