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How is Your Prayer Life?

psalm 61

Some of you may be struggling with your prayer life on many levels, but be thankful for all the godly examples of prayer that are to be found in the Scriptures. Sometimes, we need to pattern ourselves after other great men and one such person is King David. What made David great was not his warrior tactics, his position or his name. It was his prayer life.

Whenever David found himself in a tight spot, he instinctively turned to God in prayer. Prayer is the natural breath of the believer. It enables you to accomplish what you cannot accomplish by yourself.

David wrote Psalm 61 when he was forced to escape during the days of Absalom’s rebellion or after he narrowly escaped one of Saul’s efforts to kill him while hiding in the desert.

First, prayer enables you to reach farther (v.2). Although he was far from home, he was not away from God. No matter where you are, God never abandons us. God’s all-surpassing strength is always with us. At the same time, we can reach out through prayer and touch the lives of family, friends and missionaries too.

Second, prayer enables you to go higher (v.2). David was overwhelmed and wrapped in gloom. When he prayed, God lifted him up and put him on a high rock, in a tower. Prayer puts you on the mountaintop and enables you to get a clear perspective on your situation.

Thirdly, prayer enables you to come closer and to live fuller (vv. 4-7). We know that it’s not the length of life but the depth of our life that counts. Prayer puts depth into our life. We depend on Christ for the fullness of our life instead on worldly materials or entertainments.

Finally, prayer enables you to be happier (v. 8). Prayer and praise always go together. David starts crying and ends up praising. He starts out praying and ends up rejoicing. Spend time with the Lord in prayer. It will change your life.

Evaluate your praying. Is it accomplishing in your life what it accomplished in David’s? If not, spend more time in prayer and determine to experience its accomplishment in your life.

SSP Prayer Bulletin
April 22, 2015


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