Operation WorldView: Explore your destiny in God’s global story

“The Story above all stories is the story of His glory.  You are in the story.”

Explore your destiny in God’s global story through these 8 sessions of DVD-based mission curriculum in all SSP Fellowships starting this month of August.

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Here is the schedule for AUGUST:

fellowship schedule - operation worldview

(Yutiam Hall, Halls A and B are located at the H. J. Wei Building.  Glory Hall is at the Faithfulness Building.)

An Introduction (excerpt from the study guide)

Why am I here?  Is there a grand design, an overall Story to the universe? If so, does my life fit into that Story?

The goal of this study is to lead you toward the discovery – based primarily on studying the Bible – but also history, culture, geography, and current events – that there is a grand design, an over-arching Story!  Hopefully, you will further discover that this high drama involves us as individuals, families, and local churches in ways that are all at once delightful, thrilling, terrifying, stunning.

You will see:  There is one Story above all stories – and you have a destiny in that Story.  So dig in. Commit yourself to study and prayer, careful evaluation and action.

Our hope is that your own glory will be awakened – perhaps for the first time – as you gaze at the glory of God.

–  Werner Mischke

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